Whether you are launching a startup, expanding into a new market, or just need a custom technical solution for a task.

Hiring a programmer for your new app is easy....
But what if you need hardware to make it work?

Schematics, circuit boards, microncontroller-programming, API integration… With EE Proto, building a hardware-plus-software solution is as easy as building an app. I understand your vision, give you options on technology, cost, pros and cons, and make sure it fits into your overall solution. We go through defined steps of incremental prototyping, until you have something that you like.

Wondering how to get to a professional solution?

Maybe you have already had some good results with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino? Great! We can build on that together!

My work includes contributing to business planning, developing system architectures, designing hardware, writing software, and transforming your idea into real-world prototypes. Then see it all through to production, employing on-shore and off-shore manufacturers as needed. That includes integrating with 3D designers for enclosures and taking into account the environment where your product will be deployed.

Unique? Niche? No problem.

For specialized tasks I bring in specialized people and make sure they work as a team for you. No need for you to become an engineering team lead. Remote teams can be powerful, flexible, and much lower in cost than hiring on-site. In the growth phase, this can be a great way to scale up a team.

Technological value added lies in making hardware, software, and backend system work together just right. Use this power to make your product the best.