About Christian Hansis

Christian HansisHi, my name is Christian, I am an electronics and computer engineer. I was trained in Germany and the US and hold an M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As a kid, I built one of the first hardware MP3/CD players. Right after university, I launched my first startup: a health-IT business that brought electronic patient care records and real-time data transfer to emergency medical teams. With no suitable rugged tablet PC on the market, we designed and built tablet computers specifically for EMS use, including hardware design, injection molded case, power supply, and software platform.

As an experienced freelancer, I restructured IT for small businesses and implemented IT security infrastructures. More than 20 years of Linux experience allowed me to start the Monolit Private Cloud project, which gives small businesses the convenience of cloud services keeping all of their data private. In the telecom market, I headed a team of software engineers in developing and maintaining emergency paging networks.

Since 2014, I have worked as an independent electronics and computer engineer. My clients are mostly startups, researchers, and small businesses. They have great ideas, ready to disrupt their market, and are typically on short timelines. With everything in motion, they don't want to spin up a full engineering team just yet, but, rather, explore what they can achieve with a custom hardware plus software solution. Building your own thing can be a huge factor in standing out.

I love to be a part of my clients’ success, boiling experience down to how it fits their needs.

Let me know what you want to build today. Chat with me or give me a call at 908-312-4168.